With summer just around the corner, we thought it was time to share some of our favourite beaches in Tasmania.

Ahhh, the smell of salty sea air. It’s refreshing any time of year but that little bit sweeter in the summertime. One of the amazing things about Tassie is no matter where you are, you can find an amazing beach located a relatively short distance away.

Here are the top places to visit to find amazing beaches in every corner of the state.

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Hazards Beach, Coles Bay

2.5 hours from Hobart
2 hours from Launceston
3 hours from Devonport

Of course, we have to start with one of the most recognisable coastal regions in the world. The only way to access Hazards Beach is on foot, so the best way to experience this stretch of white sand and crystal clear water is via the Wineglass Bay circuit. This way, you can take in the famed bay from the lookout above before descending through the national park to dip your toes into the sand.

Bay of Fires, Binalong Bay

3.5 hours from Hobart
2.5 hours from Launceston
3 hours from Devonport

Known around the world for its striking lichen boulders and sparkling white sand, the entire stretch of coastline spans 50 kilometres in total. Binalong Bay is the perfect base to explore the Bay of Fires with the main beach here making for the perfect swimming spot.

Greens Beach

3.5 hours from Hobart
1 hour from Launceston
1 hour from Devonport

Located at the mouth of the Tamar River, Greens Beach also provides a gateway to Narawntapu National Park. Be sure the checkout the West Head lookout (a quick 270m walk from the car park) for views over Badger Head and as far west as Table Cape, Wynyard. This family friendly haven is also perfect for rock hopping and crab hunting!

Adventure Bay, Bruny Island

1.5 hours from Hobart 
4 hours from Launceston
5 hours from Devonport 
(times may vary depending on ferry availability)

One of the most sheltered beaches on Bruny, Adventure Bay is located on an eastern facing bay in south Bruny. As well as being a popular swimming spot it’s also one of the islands main townships and the gateway to plenty of walks and attractions.

Boat Harbour Beach

4 hours from Hobart 
2 hours from Launceston
1 hour from Devonport 

With water that is all shades of blue, perfectly formed rock pools and sheltered swimming spots, Boat Harbour Beach is an ideal place to escape to the coast. Did we mention the surf club serving up yummy fish and chips, cold drinks and epic views? 

Now excuse us while we jump in the car for a beachside getaway! 

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